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About Rita J. Wise

Rita is a native of Indianapolis, IN. She graduated from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in general studies. Rita also acquired her business certificate in 1993. Later, she received her Master of Science degree from Franklin University in May 2012.

Rita has been an instructor at (IUPUI) Indiana University Purdue University at Indiana and taught a class called “Self-Publishing, Getting Your Book Into Print.” (Continuing studies)

Services Provided

  • Advertising
  • Strategic Media Consultant
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Poetry Reading

Published Works

Rita self-published her first poetry book entitled “Wise Poetry Celebrating Life” in 2001. She released another book entitled “The Window of the Soul” in February 2009. In addition to her publishing books, she has done book signings and readings from 2001 to 2009.

Rita’s books are sold internationally. Her latest bestseller is “Participatory Leadership and Brand Equity A Blueprint for Success.”

Her poetry can also be found in the following publications:

  • Bristol Banner Books
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • National Library of Poetry
  • Riley in Memorial
  • World of Poetry
  • Wyndham Hall Press

Work Experience

With more than 20+ years of professional experiences in sales, marketing and advertising. Rita has held various book signings in many locations including:

  • B. Dalton
  • Borders
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Arts Garden
  • Indiana Historical Society
  • Nationwide Sales and Services Christmas Giveaway - Fortnightly Book Club
  • Black Writers Reunion and Conference in Dallas, TX
  • AUW Conference in Atlanta, GA (February)
  • Reaching Forward Convention in Chicago, IL

Awards and Achievements

Rita participates in conferences and was recently nominated by the International Society of Poets as a distinguished member. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement award.

  • Certificate of Participation from IUPUI (2013)
  • Center for Leadership Development - Distinguished Achievement Award Honoring Excellence in Life’s Work, Service, and Scholarship (March 2019)
  • Greater Indianapolis NAACP - Branch 3053 Annual Freedom Fund Banquet (October 2018)
  • Indianapolis Recorder Award (October 2018)

For more information, contact Rita today!

Communication class:

  1. Procedures for Strategic Marketing & New Business Development
  2. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  3. Education – A Dynamic and Powerful Approach to Life
  4. A Faith Based Approach to Single Parenthood
  5. Purple Reign Amazing Royalty
  6. Diversity and Equity Management
  7. Participatory Leadership/Brand Management – A Blueprint for Effective Leadership
  8. Restoration/Forgiving Others
  9. Effective Project Management from beginning to end.
  10. Divorce (Life After)
  11. Basic Accounting Principles and Solutions
  12. Image Consulting – (First impressions are everlasting)
  13. Team Building – (We’re in This Together)
  14. Dealing With Adversity at Work
  15. College Education – “A Roadmap to Success”
  16. Being Single in a Complex Society
  17. Self-Publishing – Getting Your Book Into Print
  18. Education – A Means to Transformation
  1. Cold Calling – Implementing Strategic and Effective Script Writing
  2. Effective Business Writing Strategies
  3. Understanding Negotiations by Implementing Persuasive Dialogue
  4. How to Become the Dynamic Speaker
  5. Managing Debate and Opposition
  6. Persuasive Speaking – A Call for Action
  7. How to Effectively Handle Constructive Criticism
  8. Basic Fundraising Techniques
  9. How to Implement “Excellent” Customer Services
  10. Advances of a College Degree
  11. Earning a Master’s Degree Online
  12. How to Effectively Handle Sales Objectives
  13. Social Media Communication Network
  14. The Challenging Roles of the 21st Century Professional Woman
  15. Men “Man-Handle” Your Business
  16. How to Implement Effective Time Management
  17. Using Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Classroom and the Business World

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Congratulations, Rita! Your poem has received the Editor's Choice Award!

Dear Rita: The votes are in, and we are proud to congratulate you for your outstanding literary achievement. The editors of The International Library of Poetry were thrilled to inform you that your poem was honored with the prestigious Editor's Choice Award because of your artistic accomplishments and unique perspective-characteristics found in the most noteworthy poetic works. To further commemorate this prestigious achievement, we have elected you to receive the 2008 Editor's Published Poet Ribbon.

Dear Rita
Congratulations on your acceptance into Cambridge Who's Who among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs!

The International Society of Poets hereby nominate Rita Wise as a Distinguished Member

Comments Regarding Seminars:

Cyndi M. Robinson

Conference & Continued Education Manager, Chicago, Illinois

"Rita, I am delighted that you will be speaking at the conference. Because of your expertise, I know that the conference attendees will be very interested in hearing from you!"

Regina March

Executive Director, Forest Manor Multi Service Center Inc. Indianapolis Indiana.

"In 2004 Ms. Wise, taught an "Expression in Art" poetry program to our youth. The program ended with a ceremony in which the children recited their poems. The program was a huge success."

"Rita was a Wise and Excellent choice!"

Katherine Hughes

Program Coordinator, Indiana University at Indianapolis.

"She is a published author and one of the most popular courses she offers is called Publish Yourself: Getting your Book into Print"

These are a few of the comments from her student evaluations:

"The best thing about the course was the instructor's enthusiasm, knowledge, materials, and her patience."

"The course was very informative and Ms. Wise was able to answer all of many questions."

"The participatory leader style in which Ms.Wise uses when she teaches makes the material for the course very informative and easy to understand."

"I therefore consider Ms. Wise an excellent representation of this University and it is my privilege to know her and work with her!"

Amy Warner, Vice Chancellor, External Affairs, Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis

"Ms. Wise has participated in the Role Model for the last two years and has enriched the experience through her participation. She is intelligent, articulate, and has a keen business mind. She is also very effective in connecting with youth and giving them direction for career achievement and helping them understand how they too can achieve. I believe she can use these same professional talents, as well as her ability to connect with and inspire youth, to develop a successful education initiative in your program."

Dennis E. Bland, Esq. President CLD, Indianapolis, Indiana

"Ms. Wise participated in the Role Model program at Center of Leadership Development for the last two years and has enriched the experience through her participation. She is intelligent, articulate, and has a keen business mind. She is also very effective in connecting with youth and giving them direction for career achievement and helping them understand how they too can achieve."