Best Seller Publication: Participatory Leadership and Brand Equity – “A Blue Print for Success” a divine inclusive leadership strategy for Businesses, Universities/Colleges & Churches etc...

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Rita J. Wise, Author and Founder

A native of Indianapolis, IN, Rita has published two books starting in 1998, with “Participatory Leadership and Brand Equity: A Blueprint for Success” being her third. Since earning her master’s degree in marketing, science, and communication from Franklin University in Columbus, OH, she has been teaching speech and communication at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and Ivy Tech Community College.

She has worked a full-time position at the Recorder Media Group for 20+ years. As a professor since 1988, she has lectured and taught more than 1,000 students. She practices participatory leadership while managing the brands for educational institutions. This style enabled her to work with each student individually and help them develop the necessary skills to pass the class with the highest attainable grade, which is often an A.

From the first day of class, she encouraged lessons that gave her students aspiration by allowing them to “break the ice.” Students were instructed to pair up with a classmate and talk to them about their educational goals. This exercise allowed them to realize that although they had different backgrounds, most individuals had some level of anxiety with public speaking. From that day forward, the students were never reluctant to do their best in class.

Insider Notes About Participatory Leadership

Through a combination of extensive scholarly research, her vocational career, and faculty appointments at universities, Rita was convinced that a participatory leadership style created an atmosphere of unity. This unity is the kind where employees and students believe in their brand and support it, and the company or educational institution can receive the highest return on managerial and instructional investment.

She hopes that the information in this book will allow the reader to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation as well.

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Why Choose Wise International Publishing Co.?

Rita has the experience and credibility, thanks to her many years of teaching at colleges and her interaction with her students and their families. She has also received many rewards and honors from her peers and students and conducted many seminars.

Rita offers diversified services, which are economically priced compared to competitors. Come see her to learn more about the whole package.

Beginning with four penetrating questions, Rita Wise takes the reader on a fascinating defense of the proposition that participatory leadership and brand equity are effective operational concepts for an organization or a business and a definite blueprint for success. On this journey, she presents a viable definition of participatory leadership and brand equity and illustrates how these two concepts are an integral part of any successful organization.