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Participatory Leadership & Brand Equity -a blueprint for success - towarddiversitycom/blog Wiseinternational — publishing-co % Field Jackson, Jr.

Speaker for World Women Forum Conference Paris, France

Consultant/Speaker for DNOVA Diversity & Innovation Institute Indianapolis, IN %Luis A. Palacio

Participatory Leadership and brand Equity mentioned in East County Magazine

Los Angeles, California

Dennis Moore


Participatory Leadership and brand Equity a Blueprint for Success
Speaker at C-star Conference
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wise International Publishing Company NSA Sponsor at Influence 2023 - 50th Anniversary
Orlando, Florida

Hollywood Weekly International Magazine, Full page ad
Los Angeles California, Prathar Jackson, Publisher

Participatory Leadership and Brand Equity A Blueprint for Success
Eblast on Lyles Urban Radio
Atlanta, Georgia in care of Harry Lyles